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The Importance of Microbiology Testing: The Difference Between Cush Qasil and Other Brands

The Importance of Microbiology Testing: The Difference Between Cush Qasil and Other Brands

Anyone who knows about Qasil knows what a wonderful product it is and how amazing its benefits can be. However, there are two culprits that have kept it from spreading more and being mass-produced and distributed in the United States: contamination and harmful bacteria like mold, yeast, and E. coli. At Cush Qasil, we spent years traveling, researching, and investigating suppliers of Qasil in Africa and Asia. We found that suppliers putting in additives were common, as were people buying from sellers on the street who allowed their product to be exposed to urban pollution. Also, the processing of the product prior to reaching the market for the few distributors who did sell in the west was often not up to the highest safety standards.

This is especially important for a natural product like Qasil. While being natural makes its benefits wonderful, it also makes it susceptible to having microscopic mold, yeast, and other harmful bacteria grow on it. That's why at Cush Qasil, we found a rural supplier who grows and harvests the Gob tree away from pollution, we airship it, and we treat it with state-of-the-art gamma irradiation to make sure it is sanitized from harmful bacteria while keeping all of Qasil's natural properties in place. A process patented by Cush Qasil. We then have it tested from a leading third-party lab to assure that it meets the rigorous safety and cleanliness standards of the United States cosmetic industry.

We're proud to partner with AEMTEK Laboratories in Fremont, California, for our lab testing needs. AEMTEK is a high-quality, third-party laboratory that provides testing, research, training, consulting services, and sampling products for the food, cosmetic, environmental, water, supplement, and nutraceutical industries. AEMTEK is accredited to ISO 17025 standards by professional associations and governmental agencies. We trust AEMTEK to provide us with accurate, fast, and reliable analytical data, and total solutions to help us ensure the safety and cleanliness of our Qasil.

Here's a look at the microbiological testing results from our lab report:

Aerobic Plate Count: <10 CFU/g (i.e not detected)

Yeast Count: <10 CFU/g (i.e not detected)

Mold Count: <10 CFU/g (i.e not detected)

Escherichia coli: Negative 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Negative 

Staphylococcus aureus: Negative

Candida albicans: Negative 

Our lab report shows that Cush Qasil meets the highest standards for safety and cleanliness in the United States cosmetic industry (You can see the actual report below). In comparison, a competitor's Qasil lab report showed significantly higher counts of bacteria and fungi, as well as the presence of harmful bacteria like E. coli. Specifically, their aerobic plate count was 2,300 CFU/g, which is more than 200 times higher than Cush Qasil's count. They also had a mold count of 4,200 CFU/g, while Cush Qasil had no mold detected. Additionally, their Qasil tested positive for E. coli, which is a harmful bacteria that can cause illness.

At Cush Qasil, we take microbiological testing very seriously, and we're proud to partner with AEMTEK Laboratories to ensure the safety and quality of our Qasil. When you choose Cush Qasil, you can trust that you're getting a product that is safe, natural, and of the highest quality.




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