The One Ingredient
Wonder For Your

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, our Qasil powder is your key
to a flawless complexion and timeless beauty.

What Makes Cush Qasil Unique?

Premium Qasil Powder

Single-sourced, highest-quality qasil powder; rural-harvested and air-shipped for freshness.

Pure Confidence

It was tested in an accredited lab in the USA and confirmed to meet the highest purity and safety standards.

East-to-West Excellence

Grown in the East, produced in the West. manufactured in a retail-grade facility that follows FDA guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Discover the Power of Qasil Powder

Radiant Skin: Achieve soft, smooth, and radiant skin with gentle exfoliation and natural pH balance restoration.

Acne Defense: It's natural face cleansing action helps eliminate impurities that lead to acne, helping you prevent acne before it starts.

Single Ingredient: Pure and natural, our Qasil powder contains only one ingredient, ensuring simplicity and safety in your skincare routine.

Promotes Collagen Production: Vitamin C in Qasil powder helps stimulate collagen production, giving the skin a youthful appearance.

Sun Damage Protection: Shield your skin from sun damage and prevent blemishes with our traditional Somali beauty secret.

Versatile Cleansing: Streamline your skincare routine with our Qasil powder, serving as both a daily face wash and an exfoliating agent.

All-in-One Solution: Experience the convenience of one product for multiple uses—face, hair, body, beard—with our versatile Qasil powder.

Cush Qasil for Your Natural Beauty Routine

Elevate your beauty routine with our unparalleled commitment to purity and safety. Lab-tested in the United States to assure 100% qasil purity, Cush Qasil is the gold standard for natural beauty treatments. Experience the transformative benefits of qasil powder now – order your tin of Cush Qasil today and unlock the secret to ageless beauty.

All-in-One Natural Beauty Essential

Experience the versatility of Cush Qasil. Derived from ancient Somali traditions,
our pure Qasil powder offers endless possibilities for skincare, haircare, beard
care, and body care. One product, multiple benefits.

How to Use Cush Qasil

Discover the beauty of Qasil with Cush Qasil as we guide you through simple, effective methods for incorporating qasil into your daily beauty routine.

Our Happy Customers


" This is my first time using qasil powder. I appreciate that this is processed in the US with strict quality control. I made a face mask with this first. It doesn't take much, so I anticipate this tin will last a long time. "

Vine Voice

Multi-purpose use!

" It's one safe, natural, clean ingredient from nature. I loved the way it makes my skin breathe / feel truly cleansed and it’s so versatile cause it can be used as a cleanser, a mask, shampoo, etc. "


Certainly recommended

" I’ve been using qasil for years and definitely notice a difference with the quality of this product compared to others I’ve used. "



" This product is an amazing 2 in 1 facial mask within cleanser. This product didn't strip my skin and left my face with a glow right away. After using many mask and many natural ways of cleaning my face, I noticed that this product is so gentle on the skin that it doesn't feel like you have washed it. I personally hate that feel. "


Good for dry skin

" I have really dry, flaky skin, and nothing seemed to be helping until I started using Cush Qasil Powder as a body scrub. It's gentle but effective, and my skin feels so soft and smooth after using it. I also love that it's all-natural and plant-based. "


It's good

" I've been using Cush Qasil Powder as a beard thickener/softener for about a month now, and I can already see a difference in the fullness and softness of my beard. It's not greasy or heavy, and it washes out easily. Plus, I love that it's a natural and vegan product. "


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Why Choose Cush Qasil?

Air Shipped

At Cuch Qasil, we air-ship for freshest and potent qasil powder delivery guaranteed.

All Skin Types

A skincare product that work for any skin type- versatile, convenient and beneficial for all.

Lab Tested

Our rigorous quality control at Cuch Qasil ensures pure, safe qasil supply with lab testing in the USA.

Premium Quality

Indulge in the finest with our premium quality products - elevate your experience today.

Single Sourced

We source our qasil from a single location to ensure consistency in quality and effectiveness.

One Ingredient

Pure qasil powder from the god tree leaves - all-natural, chemical-free solution for skin and hair.