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Why a Trustworthy Qasil Brand is So Needed: The Importance of Safe and Sanitized Qasil

Why a Trustworthy Qasil Brand is So Needed: The Importance of Safe and Sanitized Qasil

If you've heard of Qasil, you probably already know about the amazing benefits it offers for the skin and hair. But what you might not know is that there are two big challenges that have kept Qasil from being more widely distributed and mass-produced in the United States: contamination and harmful bacteria. Thankfully, Cush Qasil has SOLVED this problem. 

Qasil, a natural and organic powder made from the leaves of the Gob tree in East Africa, is susceptible to microscopic mold, yeast, and other harmful bacteria growth due to its natural composition. At Cush Qasil, we spent years traveling, researching, and investigating suppliers of Qasil in Africa and Asia, and we found that contamination and harmful bacteria were all too common.

Suppliers were often putting in additives or purchasing from sellers on the street who allowed their product to be overly exposed to air and also urban pollution. Furthermore, the processing of the product prior to reaching the market for the few distributors who did sell in the West was often not up to the highest safety standards.

As a result, we decided to take matters into our own hands and find a supplier who grows and harvests the Gob tree away from pollution and maintains freshness after harvesting. We air ship it to our retail-grade United States factory and have it treated with a patented state-of-the-art gamma irradiation process to ensure it's purified from harmful bacteria while keeping all of Qasil's natural properties intact. We then have it tested by a leading third-party lab to ensure that it meets the rigorous retail standards of safety and cleanliness in the United States cosmetic industry. Only Cush Qasil can offer this in a Qasil product.

This attention to safety and sanitation is why Cush Qasil is the only Qasil that can claim to be produced in a retail-grade United States factory that follows FDA guidelines and manufactures with Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP), and is evaluated by an accredited third party lab that has confirmed the product has no detectable bacteria and is wholly free of contamination. We believe that this level of care is crucial for a natural product like Qasil, which is susceptible to contamination and harmful micro-bacteria that can sabotage your skincare goals.

At Cush Qasil, we are committed to providing the highest quality Qasil on the market. We want our customers to be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of Qasil without having to worry about harmful bacteria or contamination. So, the next time you're looking for a Qasil brand that you can trust, choose Cush Qasil.

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